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SLIDER sliding door systems – Tells a Lot About You

SLIDER is a premium sliding door systems brand that specializes in eye-catching design concepts and superior internal engineering. SLIDER products are a bit like you, outstanding and glamorous on the outside, efficient and hard-working on the inside.

Sliding door systems

SLIDER – offers a variety of sliding door systems for different purposes, tastes, and price ranges. SLIDER systems are employable for both closets and space partitions. Landmark models: Modena, Modena Midi, Modena Mini, Fero, Fero Mini, Fero Air. All models can be matched with both modern and classic style interiors.

Extraordinary design

They key traits of SLIDER design philosophy are modern forms, contemporary colors, thin lines and minimalist door frames. The efficient inner workings of the sliding systems are carefully hidden from the eye: invisible upper rail, soft closing mechanism, state-of-the-art door wheels. Each element, and every tiny part of the system, plays a crucial role in creating a home interior masterpiece.



SLIDER is committed to premium quality in every step. Innovative design concepts are developed in-house by SLIDER designers. All the production processes – from the selection of materials to assembling – are carefully guided by strict standards of quality control. Given the rapid rise in popularity of our products across Europe, the SLIDER company has developed a smooth and effective management system to control order flows and support partners across the continent.


At Slider we believe in growth at a reasonable pace. Before a new sliding door system is launched in the European markets, it has to pass a number of testing stages. It can sometimes take years to develop a ground breaking product that is unsurpassable in both outer look and inner functionality. Even then we first launch the product in the Lithuanian market, carefully monitoring its reception among top designers and architects. Only then, if the product has passed all the testing stages, we launch it internationally with confidence that SLIDER name will forever remain synonymous with world-class design and functionality. This is how we build trust. Today SLIDER has a strong presence in a variety of European markets including Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Romania and Czech Republic. Please consult our contact page for more information on partnering up with SLIDER.



SLIDER design solutions are inspired by the concept of successful living. Powered by modern technologies, SLIDER opens up a whole new range of design possibilities. Both Modena and Fero ranges of profiles stand for minimalism, a sense of ease, subtle elegance and state-of-the-art internal engineering. SLIDER sliding door systems are patented tools for people with an innovative and perfectionist approach to interior design. SLIDER is for people who accept nothing but perfection when it comes to creating conceptual home and office spaces. We never stand still. And we make sure SLIDER always reflects its customers who are efficient and hard-working on the inside, but glamorous and fabulous on the outside.

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