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FERO Bīdāmās durvis iekštelpām

​Profile: LAIN

Sliding and stationary partitions
10 mm, 4 mm glass
Door specification:
• Maximum weight of doors: 60 kg
• Width of doors: min. 600 mm - max. 1700 mm
• Height of doors: max. 3500 mm
• Maximum load per roller: 30 kg
• Vertical adjustment: ±5 mm
• Could be equipped with a door closer TA - 80
• Could be equipped with interconnecting mechanism


Patented sliding door system

FERO air – is a unique patented overhead door system in Lithuania which could convert the closet into the real decoration of home. Narrow connecting profile reveals modern outlook and lightness of a cabinet, and the handle ensures flexible design and comfortable functioning. Since strong and attractive personalities look for design solutions of exclusive attractiveness. FERO air could be made in three modern colours. The system is designed for 10 mm and 4 mm thickness fillers. FERO air door dimensions could reach 3500 mm height and 1700 mm width, doors could be adjusted up to 5 mm.


The most distinctive feature of FERO  AIR – concealed installation connections



Aesthetical dynamics of the entire system are completely preconditioned by state-of-art profile solutions and screwed handles that are as stylish as functional.
Available colours: silver, white, and glossy champagne
Dimensions: 170mm / 250mm

Convenient and Functional Door Opening


Revolutionary design accents for your partitions


This new 3D element provides an opportunity to propose revolutionary design accents for your cabinet.

When you selected your SLIDER you could select the modern colour you want

FERO AIR overhead door system colour:


Profile could
be equipped with
soft-closing mechanism

Due to innovative German quality soft-closing mechanism Slidex partitions will become even more luxurious and more functional.

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